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Topics of discussion

Let's Walk and Talk "

1  Hour Mentor Session - 

 GST included  $150

Let's Light Your Torch "

2x 2 Hour Mentor Session  -

 GST included  $450

  • Finding why you're unique

  • Creating a direction

  • Eliminating your insecurities

  • Clarifying your end goals

  • Creating your milestones

  • Identifying the business type

  • Finding a memorable name

  • Creating a bespoke concept

  • Forming unique customer experience

  • Discussing ideas for a logo and branding

  • Ideas for marketing and strategies

  • Thoughts on packaging and labelling

  • Concepts for interiors and feelings

Let's find Your path "

create your business concept  -

3x 2 Hour Mentoring Sessions   -   25+ Page Business Concept Book  

 GST included  $1950

Whether you know what you want but are uncertain of the next steps, or simply need someone to chat through your aspirations, we would love to hear from you. Our sessions allow clients the ability to meet and chat about ad-hoc ideas, challenges they may be facing, reviewal of proposals, or just touch base to plan their next steps in their business. 


The ultimate aim is to light that fire in their belly, create that business concept and see their dreams come to life.  


Turn Ablaze! "

Full day 1 t0 1 workshop  -

Personal branding Guideline   -

create your business concept   -

2x 2 Hour Mentoring Sessions   -   25+ Page Business Concept Book

  Full Day Private and Tailored Workshop  -   25+ Personal Branding Book


GST included  $4950

A unique process that involves both a personal and spiritual deep dive into what drives you, hear your dreams, decipher your ideas and find a path to success.


Includes everything in the "Let's Find Your Path" package and also:


Private Workshop Explorations:

  • Become aware of you

  • Seeking the meaning of this life

  • Learning the purpose of you

  • Understanding human qualities as an expression

  • Discover how you are unique

  • Find what brings you joy and perfecting it

  • Applying it to serve mankind


Personal Branding Guideline Contains:

  • Brand mission, story, values and guardrails

  • How people relate to you and your mission

  • Defining your social scene

  • Discover your uniqueness

  • What you have to offer

  • How people experience you

  • Your image, manner and tone

  • Graphical explorations of you


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